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Summer Schedule

Suggested summer schedule for incoming first year students enrolling in summer courses

Most likely, several of you already have a summer course schedule. And, of those with a summer schedule many of you are in the Learning Edge Academic Program (LEAP); the Education LEAP in particular, consisting of Ed 100S, your First Year Seminar, and Engl 015.

For those who do not yet have a summer schedule and are interested in scheduling one of the open LEAP sections, we suggest one of the Education LEAPS.

For those without a summer schedule and who are not interested in joining a LEAP, we suggest that you schedule Edthp 115 (Education Theory and Policy) and Engl 015 (1st year composition).







Choose ENGL 015 That Fits With EDTHP 115 Time
971044 EDTHP 115 MTWRF 12:45-2:00 201 3