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Introduction to the Penn State Elementary Education PDS

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The Pennsylvania State University, its College of Education, and Department of Curriculum and Instruction joined in partnership with the State College Area School District to create a special opportunity for Penn State prospective elementary school teachers. This partnership offers undergraduate elementary education majors an opportunity to pursue an intensive field-based alternative for completion of their teacher preparation program. In line with national movements in education, prospective elementary teachers, who choose this alternative, work to complete 30 credits of coursework as they teach on-site in an elementary school throughout their senior year. The work in a Professional Development School is designed to immerse the prospective teacher into the school's culture, develop deeper understanding of student learning, and create a wider experience base from which the prospective teacher can draw when they enter the profession as a first-year teacher.

What is a Professional Development School?  Introduction to the Penn State Elementary Education PDS  What is the intern's field experience like? ○ What does the work of a mentor and intern look like in our Professional Development School? ○ What are some of the unique experiences an intern has in a Professional Development School? ○ Why should you consider hiring an intern from the Professional Development Schools?