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What is the intern's field experience like?

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The year-long internship is an intensive field based program where learning to teach is accomplished through teaming with a mentor teacher and a university based teacher educator for an entire school year. This experience begins with a two-week Jumpstart orientation in mid-August and continues through the last day of school for State College students in June. The interns agree to abandon the traditional Penn State academic calendar and instead to follow the district school calendar for the entire year. The interns gain valuable knowledge by teaching alongside their mentors and inquiring about their work with children in a public school classroom. Interns typically spend four days a week in the fall and  five days a week in the spring at the Professional Development School sites with most of their coursework being taught onsite targeted at connecting theory to practice and practice to theory.

What is a Professional Development School?  Introduction to the Penn State Elementary Education PDS  What is the intern's field experience like? ○ What does the work of a mentor and intern look like in our Professional Development School? ○ What are some of the unique experiences an intern has in a Professional Development School? ○ Why should you consider hiring an intern from the Professional Development Schools?