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Intern Resources

This component of our website contains links to the various aspects of our PDS partnership that most directly impact the work of our PDS interns. In addition to the syllabi for the various methods courses that interns take, you will also find links to the teacher inquiry conference where interns and mentors present their teacher inquiry projects. In addition some of our interns have been involved in making presentations at conferences.

Intern Resource Guide

The PDS Intern Guide was written to answer some of your questions and to provide helpful suggestions for how to have a successful year as an intern in the Penn State - State College Area School District Elementary PDS. Keep the Intern Guide as a reference and refer to it this year when you wonder what's coming next or are curious about what you need to do to be effective in the classroom. At times, your mentor or PDA may go over parts of the Intern Guide with you or ask you to think about some of the specific teaching behaviors that you should include in your daily practice.

Resource Guide for Working with ESL Students

This handbook prepared by Dr. Ellen Ballock, a former doctoral student who is now a Professor involved in PDS work at Towson University, provides ideas for working effectively with learners whose native language is not English. Although the handbook was prepared with an audience of beginning teachers in mind, the information might be helpful to all teachers. If you have questions or comments, contact Ellen Ballock at

Conference Presentations

Each year, participants in the PDS present "inquiries" or projects about the PDS program, classroom experience, their teaching techniques, and student development. Visit the Teacher Inquiry section of the website, where you are able to access abstracts and papers of previous Teacher Inquiry projects.

Interns in Action