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Appendix 3

Six levels of Minority Language Policy

In his book, Language Policy in Schools: A Resource for Teachers and Administrators, Corson identifies six different approaches or orientations that are exhibit in national or school language policies and notes that in the United States typical policy focuses on levels 1 or 2.

  1. New language group lacks English and needs to rapidly transition into English usage.
  2. The minority groups’ need for English is linked to family status, so aids, tutors, social workers, and other helps are provided.
  3. The need for English is linked to disparities in esteem between group culture and majority culture: multicultural curricula, eliminating racial stereotypes, and sensitizing teachers are added to English instruction.
  4. There is a belief that the premature loss of the first language inhibits develop of majority language, so the first language is at least occasionally or in early years a medium of instruction.
  5. The minority language is seen as threatened with extinction so the policy is to provide the minority language exclusively as the language of instruction in early years.
  6. Minority and majority languages are seen as having equal rights or status in society, so the minority language may be recognized as an official language; separate school systems may be provided; all children may be given the opportunity to learn both languages; and language support exists beyond the school system.

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