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Mentor Resources

Mentor teachers who work with PDS interns agree to take on the new role of teacher educator in addition to their traditional role of classroom teaching. Sometimes those teachers who are new to mentoring, as well as those who are more experienced, have questions about various aspects of the role. The "Mentor Teacher Resource Guide" below is organized in a question and answer format to enable mentors to obtain quick answers to their questions. Mentors and other teachers also are involved in the development of methods course syllabi through our course planning teams. Links to the various syllabi created by the planning teams are available here. Links to professional development opportunities for mentors and all other professional educators within the PDS schools are also featured on this page. Finally, mentors play a key role in conducting their own teacher inquiry projects and supporting those of interns as well. These projects are presented at the annual teacher inquiry conference.

Mentor Teacher Resource Guide

A. What is the purpose of this resource guide?
B. What are the goals of the Penn State - State College Elementary PDS Partnership?
C. How did the Elementary PDS Partnership Evolve?
D. What does the work of a mentor and intern look like in a Professional Development School?
E. What might my intern and I be doing in August and September?
F. What might my intern and I be doing in October?
G. What might my intern and I be doing in November?
H. What might my intern and I be doing in December?
I. What might my intern and I be doing in January/February/March?
J. What might my intern and I be doing in April/May/June?
K. What is my role as a school-based teacher educator?
L. How can I support my intern's growth and development?
M. What are some supervision/coaching techniques I can use as a school-based teacher educator?
N. What are the possibilities for mentor teacher learning in a PDS?
O. How are interns graded?
P. What is the intern attendance policy?
Q. What are the roles and responsibilities of other PDS professionals?
R. How does the PSU Conceptual Framework help organize the internship experience?
S. What is the PDS Steering Group?

Struggles on the road to success; If my intern struggles, what should I know, what should I do?
A Guide for Mentors and PDA’s Based on Insights and Recommendations from the Struggling Intern Study. By Lynne Sanders, PDA, 2006.
Download paper here.

Professional Development

Conference Presentations

Each year, participants in the PDS present "inquiries" or projects about the PDS program, classroom experience, their teaching techniques, and student development. Visit the Teacher Inquiry section of the website,  where you are able to access abstracts and papers of previous Teacher Inquiry projects.