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A. What is the purpose of this resource guide?

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Welcome to the State College Area School District/Pennsylvania State University Professional Development School (PDS) Mentor Teacher Resource Guide. This guide was initially developed during the 1998-99 year-long internship pilot program at Matternville and Ferguson Township Elementary Schools and subsequently updated during the Spring of 2004 since we were on the verge of becoming a Professional Development School District. We view this resource guide as a work in progress, meaning that as professional development school relationships continue to develop and grow between the State College Area School District and Penn State, additional resources will be added to this text, some will be deleted, and some will be adapted based on the changing and evolving needs of PDS mentors.

We also acknowledge that each mentor and intern has particular individual needs that may vary across different PDS sites as well as across mentors and interns within one PDS setting. Therefore, this resource guide was conceptualized and developed as a "living document" that mentors and all members of the PDS setting can utilize to help in actualizing the goals of the PDS as issues emerge throughout the school year, rather than allowing the resource guide to direct or limit the work of a PDS.

To make the guide easy to use, it has been designed as a series of questions and answers. The questions that we used are ones that mentors, interns, and PDAs have asked throughout the years.