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G. What might my intern and I be doing in November?

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During this month, the interns will begin implementing their methods lessons for math, science, and social studies. The goal of these assignments is to fold into your curriculum. In order to make these assignments most meaningful to your classroom, some negotiation may be needed between you, the intern, and the university team. For each of these lessons, the intern will be completing lesson plans that the intern should share with you at least 24 hours before implementing them. Your review of these plans will help provide the intern with valuable feedback that can enhance the lessons.

You might also want to reflect on the experiences your intern has had so far in your room. At this point, generating a list of experiences will help you continue designing the intern's I.I.P. as well as provide the intern with some documentation for the e-Portfolio.

During late October or early November, you will meet with the intern and PDA for a goal setting conference. Goals should be collaboratively developed by mentor, intern, and PDA. Some sources for goals might be themes from journal reflections and growth areas identified on trip sheets. The trip sheets are a valuable way to document your feedback and intern growth. Please share the documentation with the PDA since this will contribute to the PDA's understanding of the intern's progress.

Some other ideas include:

  • Help your intern develop and plan science, math, and social studies lessons
  • Discuss classroom management tasks with your intern as they are carried out
  • Discuss how your intern will assist you in daily lessons and activities for the month
  • Include a bit of intern involvement in the development of lesson plans (co-planning) if appropriate
  • Review teacher resources and curriculum guides
  • Assign observations for your intern based on identified needs
  • Revisit assessments for progress reports
  • Complete the intern assessment form and set goals for your intern's goal setting conference
  • Share anecdotal records and complete some together
  • Continue partner classroom observations
  • View and discuss your intern's e-Portfolio.