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H. What might my intern and I be doing in December? 

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During this month, the intern's teaching responsibilities should reflect the growth areas identified in the goal setting conferences. As a mentor teacher, you should be giving the intern teaching opportunities to develop these skills through experimentation and risk-taking.

In addition to classroom responsibilities, this month your intern should spend time observing other classroom and support teachers in your building as well as other buildings in the district. These observations are most beneficial if you help your intern select some outstanding teachers in your school and district who you hope your intern will emulate. You might also help your intern identify a focus for observations by defining aspects that might facilitate your intern's unique growth areas (see blue pages for ideas).

Since report cards come out this month, you may want to discuss the various ongoing informal and formal ways you assess what your students can do. The intern needs to understand the reciprocal relationship between assessment and instruction. You may even want to work cooperatively in assigning grades so that the intern gains insight into the process of how a professional goes about this task. One way to do this is to look through one student's work together and then ask the intern to independently look at the work of five other students. Then, the two of you can sit down and compare your thinking about the student's work and progress.

The trip sheets continue to be a valuable way to document feedback and intern growth. Please share the documentation with the PDA since this will help the PDA's understanding of the intern's progress.

During the month of December, the intern will continue developing a working e-Portfolio to demonstrate growth. They will use the online matrix derived from the "blue sheets" to organize their portfolio. As a mentor, you can also provide documentation of the intern's growth using the trip sheets and taking pictures of activities.

During the middle of December, you, the PDA, and the intern will conduct a goal setting conference that officially ends the CI 495B or A class. CI 495A and B are graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Together, you will provide feedback on the intern's performance and develop goals for the second semester. In addition, the three of you will develop a written plan for the intern's involvement in the partner classroom during the second semester.

Some other ideas include:

  • Discuss possible ideas for the inquiry project
  • Discuss how your intern will assist you in daily lessons and activities for the month
  • Continue team teaching whenever possible
  • Increase intern involvement in the development of lesson plans (co-planning)
  • Provide feedback using reflective supervision techniques
  • Encourage your intern to plan partner classroom and outside observations
  • Help your intern focus observations in other classrooms
  • View and discuss the intern's e-Portfolio.