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O. How are the interns graded?

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During the first half of the internship year, interns are officially enrolled in methods courses. Methods course instructors are responsible for assigning grades in their respective science, social studies, classroom learning environment, and math courses. CI 495B and CI 495A are Pass/Fail classes. Interns receive a passing grade by meeting all course requirements stated in the syllabus unless mentors and the classroom PDA express deep concern for the intern's performance in the classroom.

During the second half of the internship year, the mentor and PDA will share the responsibility for grading their intern. During the mid-term and final week of the Penn State semester, mentors, PDAs, and interns will complete the intern assessment form developed from the outcomes framework ("blue sheets"). The PDA/mentor assessment form is completed jointly by the mentor and PDA while the intern completes the form independently. Mentor , intern, and PDA will conference around the Intern Assessment Form (as well as the intern e-Portfolio), discussing areas for growth and development and setting goals (at mid-term time), and assigning grades (at final time), as well as providing final feedback and developing goals for the intern's first year of teaching.