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R. How does the PSU Conceptual Framework help organize the internship experience? 

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The Penn State Childhood and Early Adolescent Education Conceptual Framework undergirds all of the work required and completed by undergraduate elementary education majors at Penn State. By the end of the internship, the intern must be able to demonstrate competency in each area of the outcomes framework.

What are the "blue sheets"?

The Conceptual Framework (nicknamed "blue sheets," as they are reproduced on blue paper making them readily identifiable) appear attached to the course syllabi of all courses offered in the CEAED program by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Faculty who teach CEAED courses are required to note where the "blue sheets" are located in their course syllabus, discuss how their course is particularly tied to each of the nodes in the conceptual framework, and list the particular CEAED outcomes addressed in their course.

How do interns and mentors use the blue sheets?

As interns complete 30 credits of coursework during the internship year, the "blue sheets" play a very prominent role in the PDS internship. Interns are introduced to the "blue sheets" and their relationship to completing the internship prior to the school year. Interns utilize the blue sheets throughout the internship to develop e-Portfolios charting their growth and development, as well as to set goals for their learning. In addition to the blue sheets guiding portfolio development, the "blue sheets" provide a focus for journaling. Finally, mentors and PDAs will collaboratively determine a grade for CI 495D and CI 495F based on the intern's ability to demonstrate competence in each area of the Outcomes Framework.

What is the intern curriculum in the PDS?

Penn State interns complete the required coursework for their degrees and teacher certification in the PDS setting:

Fall Semester (15 credits)

  • SS ED 430W: Teaching Elementary School Social Studies (3 credits)
  • SCIED 458: Teaching Science in the Elementary School (3 credits)
  • MTHED 420: Teaching Elementary School Mathematics (3 credits)
  • EDLDR 405: Classroom Learning Environments (3 credits)
  • C I 495B or A: Clinical Application of Instruction - Elementary Education (3 credits)

Spring Semester (15 Credits)

  • C I 495D: Practicum in Student Teaching - Elementary and Kindergarten Education (12 credits)
  • C I 495F: Professional Development Practicum (3 credits)

A specialized course syllabus is developed for each of these courses, capitalizing on the benefits of learning to teach through rich field experiences in a PDS setting.