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S. What is the PDS Steering Group?

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The PDS Steering Group was formed as a representative group that would help to guide policy development and resolve issues that need immediate attention. This group consists of a mentor teacher from each building, three non-mentor teachers, two principals, two CSTs, and all PDAs. The group meets four times a year to discuss issues that arise as a part of the partnership. The agenda for meetings will be posted on the PDS Mentor/PDA Discussion Forum for all to see as soon as possible, prior to the meeting. All participants in the PDS are responsible for sharing their feelings about the agenda items with Steering Group members prior to the meeting. The Steering Group will then discuss the issue and present a resolution to the community as a whole. The board will adopt a decision-making role for the PDS work, but will present its recommendations to the entire group at mentor retreats before policies become official. The minutes will be kept by a secretary, and the minutes will be posted on the Mentor/PDA Discussion Forum after the meeting. The minutes from the previous meeting must be approved at the beginning of each subsequent meeting.