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Dental Hygienist InstructorWe develop that segment of Pennsylvania's workforce who will prepare the rest of the Commonwealth's workforce with the skills and standards needed by business. Potential Center participants may include:

  • Trained and experienced workers who are newly hired by career and technical schools to teach technical skills to students
  • Experienced instructors in search of professional upgrade training
  • Certified career and technical instructors who want college degrees
  • Teachers who want to do school-to-work or cooperative education placements
  • Experienced trainers who want state certificates that will allow them to work in public schools
  • Seasoned teachers who want to become school administrators
  • Central Pennsylvania schools with career and technical programs
  • Anyone interested in lifelong learning in topics related to education for work


Opportunities for Employment and Advanced Study

Employment at the Center offers professionals an opportunity to develop their skills while they pursue advanced study with either the Workforce Education and Development Program or the Agriculture and Extension Education Department at Penn State. Positions as instructors and training consultants are frequently available. Individuals with experience in workforce development and a desire to pursue graduate study are encouraged to apply.