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Professional Development Team

A Penn State Resource...

The Professional Development Team is a service of the Professional Personnel Development Center at The Pennsylvania State University. The Center is associated with two Penn State academic units — the Workforce Education and Development Program and the Agricultural and Extention Education Department.

PDT Mission

The mission of the Professional Development Team is to provide educational resources, facilitation services, and training delivery systems customized to the professional development needs of career and technical educators. 

Services Available...

The Role of the PDT is to help you find resources and facilitate:

  • School-specific needs assessment to determine appropriate staff development programs

  • Curriculum modifications and adaptive materials

  • Staff planning sessions

  • Instructional strategies and teaching approaches

  • Technology-specific training in the areas of new computer hardware, computer software, and the Internet

  • Collaboration and networking the IEP Process with sending schools

  • Special education and vocational education legislative issues and assistance with strategic planning

  • School-to-Work and Transition Planning




What are your needs?

Remember our job is to serve you!

The Center is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Education Bureau of Career and Technical Education. All services are offered at no expense to secondary career and technical education programs in central Pennsylvania.


Contact Info...

Professional Development Team

Tel:   (814) 865-0271
Fax:  (814) 863-7532