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CTE Professional Academy

This year’s CTE Professional Academy will generate great ideas as we develop a strong network of local partnerships and resources.  We will meet in the fall and spring in preparation for presentations at PA*CTEC.  Meet ups will be fun, informational, and tailored to meet participant needs.   Virtual support throughout the year will be proactive, inquiry-based, and collaborative, including varied and timely delivery methods.

Visionary Professional Development

The last two Professional Academy cohorts resulted in state and local presentations on diverse subjects such as project-based learning, brain-based recruitment strategies, and the development of articulation agreements.

This year, in honor of the great ideas participants bring to the table and a growth-driven approach to professional development, our highly participatory meet ups will delve into the topics most compelling to nominated teachers. Academy activities will include facilitated group discussion, online discussion, modeling of instructional strategies, and presentation planning. Teachers will meet online and at two meet ups at Penn State. Benefits for teachers include firsthand experience with formal and information professional development presentations and an expanded network of support.

The 10 participants will be selected from nominees submitted by career and technical directors at the schools served by the Penn State Professional Personnel Development Center. Selection criteria will give preference to teachers who utilize innovation to engage and motivate students. To be eligible, a teacher must be a practicing CTE instructor at a central PA school or learning facility and have earned at least a Vocational Instructional I certificate.

An Overview

The objective of the 2015-2016 Academy is to enhance the art of teaching by deepening knowledge in areas of great interest to participants while broadening their professional network.  Up to 10 participants will be chosen.


September (remote):

  • Interest/needs survey

October in-person:

  • Establish topics and resources to support the 2015-2016 Academy
  • Team formation and inspiration-building activities
  • Work through actual problems to share insights and problem-solving strategies
  • PDT mentors assigned to participants

March in-person:

  • Rehearsal of presentations for PA*CTEC
  • Peer coaching
  • Platform skills
  • Integration of technology

June in-person:

  • Participation in conference sessions and activities
  • Presentations
  • Evaluation and next steps

Important Dates

September 30          Nominations close. Please nominate your candidate as soon as possible.
October 2                 Participants selected and notified
October 30               Meet up at Penn State's Krause Innovation Studio
Nov - Feb                 Virtual discussion and team building
March 25                  Meet up at Penn State's Krause Innovation Studio
June 15 - 17             Attend PA*CTEC conference at Eden Resort in Lancaster

The Details

The Professional Personnel Development Center at Penn State pays for:

  • Academy materials
  • Registration for one day at PA*CTEC

Participating schools pay for:

  • Mileage and meal reimbursement for two mid-year meet ups (October and March)

Participants bring their passion and willingness for cross-discipline collaboration.

Before you nominate someone

By nominating an individual, you are giving your consent for them to attend these meetings. Please remember, the Nominee must first accept their nomination and then be selected to attend.


Nominate an Instructor