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Director's Academy

What is this event?

This event couples the Penn State Directors’ Academy with the PACTA Central Region winter meeting. The first day is the Directors’ Academy exclusively for the executive director of career and technical education from your community. The second day welcomes all PACTA members for a morning professional development session, business meeting, and lunch.


What is the Director's Academy?

The Penn State Directors’ Academy is exclusively for the executive ­career and technical education directors of the career and technology centers/area vocational technical schools, comprehensive schools, and state correctional institutions in central Pennsylvania—the top leader of career and technical education in your community. Because assistant directors, coordinators, and PDE personnel are not invited to this event, you are free to communicate openly as you focus on specific issues and learn from your peers about the problems that are particular to your role as director.


Is the Director's Academy worth my time?

Directors who attended in the past told us that this is the “one event” they would not miss each year. Why? First, the Directors’ Academy is not a typical conference or a class. It is more like a retreat, where the participants challenge, question, and learn from each other. Also, the discussion is focused on the needs of a unique group of participants. Attendance is limited to the boss—the one person who is ultimately responsible for CTE in your county, area, or facility. Without the scrutiny of people to whom you answer and the people who answer to you, directors are free to openly share questions and answers about doing your job.


How much does the Director's Academy cost?

Just about nothing. The only cost to you is mileage. Lodging, meals, registration, and materials at the Penn State Directors Academy are paid entirely by the Penn State Professional Personnel Development Center for Career and Technical Education—the office that helps your new teachers earn certification.


What should I bring to the Director's Academy?

Please bring questions about your most persistent work problems.