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Acronym Guide

Acronym Guide for New Teachers in Career and Technical Education (CTE)


ACTE: Association for Career and Technical Education (our field’s national association)
ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act 
ADD/ADHD: Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
AP: Advanced Placement
AYP: Adequate Yearly Progress


BCTE: Bureau of Career and Technical Education


CBTE: Competency Based Teacher Education
CCS: Common Core Standards
CEW: Career Education and Work standards
CIP: Classification of Instructional Program (codes)
CTC: Career and Technical Center, formerly Area Vocational Technical School
CTSO: Career and Technical Student Organization


DECA: Distributive Education Clubs of America


ELL: English Language Learner (this term is now preferred over ESL, English as a Second Language)
EQ: Emotional Quotient (refers to emotional intelligence)
ETS: Educational Testing Service


FAPE: Free Appropriate Public Education
FBLA: Future Business Leaders of America
FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FFA: Future Farmers 
FRP: Field Resource Person


GED: General Equivalency Diploma
GPA: Grade Point Average


HOSA: Health Occupations Students of America
HPO: High Priority Occupation


IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEP: Individual Education Plan, a legally binding document that addresses the special education needs of a student
IU: Intermediate Unit
IUP: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, our sister school for western PA (Temple University serves the east)


JOC: Joint Operating Committee


LAC: Local Advisory Committee
LAN: Local Area Network
LEA: Local Education Agency
LEP: Limited English Proficiency
LRE: Least Restrictive Environment
LRP: Local Resource Person


NCLB: No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (federal legislation, will be replaced by Every Child Achieves Act)
NIMS: National Institute of Metalworking Skills
NOCTI: National Occupational Competency Testing Institute
NTHS: National Technical Honors Society


OAC: Occupational Advisory Committee
OCA: Occupational Competency Assessment
OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OVAE: Office of Vocational and Adult Education


PACTA: Pennsylvania Association of Career and Technical Administrators
PACTEC: Pennsylvania Career and Technical Education Conference (June of every year)
PDF: Portable Document Format
PBA: Project-Based Assessment
PBL: Project-Based Learning (may also refer to problem-based learning)
PDE: Pennsylvania Department of Education
PDT: Professional Development Team, a team of professional development instructors who work for Penn State’s PPDC (see below)
PIMS: Pennsylvania Information Management System
POS: Program of Study
PPDC: Professional Personnel Development Center (directed by Cynthia Pellock at Penn State)
PPID: Professional Personal Identification number
PSSA: Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (will be replaced by the Keystone Exam)


SAS: Standards Aligned System
SNT: Special Needs Team
SOAR: Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration
SSID: Statewide Student Identifier
STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (if STEAM, A is for Arts)


TIMS: Teacher Information Management System
TSA: Technology Student Association


Voc 1: Vocational Instructional I certification
Voc 2: Vocational Instructional II certification


WIA: Workforce Investment Act
WIB: Workforce Investment Board
WBE: Work-Based Education
WBL: Work-Based Learning
WFED: Workforce Education and Development
Last updated May 15, 2015.