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Project Team Students
Students hold up the Project TEAM logo with their hands.

Project TEAM is an initiative created by former school counselor, Linsey Covert. The program is based on a framework she developed as a graduate student at Penn State University (2004-2006). Her vision included a school-wide program that has an impact on all students based on a teambuilding and leadership development approach. Project: TEAM consists of a plan for whole school implementation along with a breakdown of classroom, small group, and the individual student using both intervention and prevention approaches. Project TEAM focuses on 6 foundations: Helping Others, Positive Change, Anti-Bullying, Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution, Resiliency, and Leadership. The foundations are taught and reinforced through a variety of approaches. Social skills, career education, anti-bullying strategies, friendship, and relational skills are some of the key concepts that are provided within the PT framework. 

Students making Project TEAM sign with hands
Students making Project TEAM sign with hands

After implementing her vision as a school counselor, Linsey teamed up with Lisa Dibernardo, a school counselor and Penn State alum, to expand the initiative in Stafford County School District in New Jersey. Lisa's demonstrated success with Project TEAM landed her a spot on Emmy Award-winning show Classroom Close-up in New Jersey. 

Penn State University recognized the research basis and practical benefits of the program and became a partner in 2013. Funded in part by The College of Education and a donation from an alum, Project TEAM has significantly expanded into a package of programming and curriculum. Penn State researchers Dr.Richard Hazler, Dr. Jolynn Carney, Dr.Seria Chatters, and Dr.Julia Bryan, along with graduate students, work with Linsey and Lisa to continue to advance the curriculum and research model for Project TEAM.