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Pilot Program

Project TEAM Flag made by students
Project TEAM Flag made by students
The first school to partner with Penn State on a mission for research, development, and expansion of Project TEAM was Mowrey Elementary in the Waynesboro Area School District, PA. Waynesboro sits approximately 70 miles outside of the Washington/Baltimore area. The district serves over 4,000 students and has four elementary schools, one middle school, and a high school. An average of 38-50 % of students in the district are on free and reduced lunch. Project TEAM was launched in the fall of 2013. Mowrey saw positive impact on the students and school, including discipline referrals being down by 10%. They also noticed students developing an interest in the Project TEAM language and using strategies in and out of the classroom. Due to the success at Mowrey Elementary, the Waynesboro Area School District decided to expand the initiative to all elementary schools for the year 2014-2015. 

  • Year two of the pilot included all four Waynesboro Elementary Schools and initiated the formal research agenda.  The research agenda includes the following: 
  •  School Climate and student connectedness are measured beginning and ending of the school year for students, faculty and staff.
  •  Understanding of the curricular foundations are measured before presentation of the foundational concepts and 6-8 weeks following the material presentation.
  •  Discipline referral numbers are gathered throughout the academic year.
  •  Student TEAM Leaders (small group work) assessment of social/emotional, cognitive, and behavioral changes.
  •  Project TEAM school staff leaders' assessment of the program implementation collected at the beginning and ending of the school year.