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Academics & Athletics 2020

Topics of Discussion: NCAA: Initial Eligibility Requirements and Recruiting Rules Overview and Championship Thinking and the 21st Century Student-Athlete

Great information for coaches, athletic directors and school counselors.

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Educator Self-Care - Taking Care of You First

Date:  March 19th at 4:00 pm

Length of Session:  one hour

Cost:  Free

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Audience: Any educator (teacher, counselor, social worker, school nurse, psychologist etc) in K-12 setting

Description: The webinar will explore why it is so hard for educators, in particular, to make themselves a priority, why it is crucial that they do so, and tips to easily start a self-care regimen that will help them de-stress, live more in the moment and be more efficient with their time. We will explore their own social and emotional needs and how in order for them to teach their students social and emotional skills, they must first have their own tools and experiences to rely on.

Brief Bio of Presenter: Lisa DiBernardo (LPC NCC) is a former school counselor with over 10 years experience in the school setting. Lisa has been the Director of Education for TEAMology for the past four years, providing professional development and trainings on a wide range of social and emotional topics. 

Policies and Practices Related to LGBTQ Students

Facilitated by: Maria Lewis, JD, PhD Assistant Professor Education Policy Studies


Location: Chambers 118

Webinar: Designing a Student-Centered, Future-Focused Educational Technology Mindset

Date/Time:  April 8th at 10:00am

Length of Session: 1 hour

Cost:   free

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Description: During this hour-long webinar, Dr. Justin Aglio will lead a conversation about the current state of EdTech and how educational leaders can help their schools move forward into the future. You’ll learn:

  • How EdTech is being used in classrooms today and what the possibilities are for STEM learning, artificial intelligence, and personalized learning
  • How EdTech can help achieve educational equity
  • How technology is impacting students
  • How educators can prepare for and use EdTech effectively to produce student outcomes

Brief Bio of Presenter: Dr. Justin Aglio is an award winning principal and the Director of Academic Achievement and District Innovation at Montour School District. He is a LearnLab Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human Computer Interaction Institute, a Getting Smart Columnist and an Adjunct STEM Professor at California University of Pennsylvania. Throughout his career, he has been a keynote speaker and presenter at  several conferences.

Webinar: Adjusting to Remote Learning

Date/Time:  April 28th 4:00pm

Length of Session: 1 hour

Cost: free

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Description: Adjusting to Remote Learning

The COVID 19 epidemic has thrust schools across the country and world into various forms of remote or distance learning.  Even in a crisis, schools across the country are being creative and innovative as they seek means to educate their students, support students and families social-emotional well-being and offer students meaningful ways to interact with each other.  Schools more than ever continue to collaborate and learn from each other.  These are unprecedented times and you are not alone, if you are struggling to move into this new normal but also want to share your ideas.

Dr.  Justin Aglio will lead a conversation with educators on how learning and the culture of learning is being redefined to meet the needs of learners.

Brief Bio of Presenter: Dr. Justin Aglio is an award winning principal and the Director of Academic Achievement and District Innovation at Montour School District. He is a LearnLab Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human Computer Interaction Institute, a Getting Smart Columnist and an Adjunct STEM Professor at California University of Pennsylvania. Throughout his career, he has been a keynote speaker and presenter at several national conferences.

Leading School Districts During Time of Crisis – A Whole-Child Focused Response

Date/Time:  Thursday, May 14, 2020 4:00 pm

Length of Session:  1 hour

Cost:  Complimentary

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Description: The worldwide pandemic of COVID-19  has thrust school administrators into making swift decisions to protect their school and larger community against a public health emergency.  During a time of crisis, school district leaders must take decisive action regarding academic programing, student wellbeing and communication strategies. Most importantly, decisions must be focused in a whole-child approach, taking into the account the unique needs of the larger school community. Dr. Bryan O’Black will lead a thoughtful conversation of ideas and suggestions to ensure not only academic needs are being met but school leaders are telling their schools story, advocating for public education and looking ahead to the 2020-2021 school year.

Brief Bio of Presenter: Dr. Bryan O’Black is the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for the Shaler Area School District in Glenshaw, PA. Located north of the city of Pittsburgh, Shaler Area educates over 4,300 students from the communities of Shaler, Etna, Millvale and Reserve. The district employees over 600 staff members to support the district across seven schools.

Dr. O’Black has worked in the field of education for over 13 years. Over the last 10 years, he served as technology director (2009 - 2012), curriculum director (2012-2015) and now as Assistant Superintendent with the Shaler Area School District.  Previously, he served as the Director of Technology for the South Fayette Township School District. 

Over the years, Dr. O’Black has been an active member of numerous professional organizations and associations and has presented at a number of national, state and regional conferences. Dr. O’Black is currently an active member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Tri State Study Council, PA Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and was named by NSBA as a  “20 to Watch” recipient in 2015.  Additionally, Dr. O’Black was a 2018-19 fellow for the Pennsylvania Educational Policy Leadership Center.


Webinar:  Being Mindful About Mindfulness

Date/Time:  May 19th 4:00pm

Length of Session:  1 hour

Cost:   free

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Description: Mindfulness has gained tractions in schools as a means for students to improve their attention, teachers to mitigate burnout, schools to nurture social-emotional learning, and most recently, during a time of intense global uncertainty, for everyone to manage their emotions. Although mindfulness appears increasingly in literature, blogs, and social media, research on mindfulness in schools is fairly limited. This webinar will introduce participants to the concept of mindfulness including what it is and what it isn’t, give an overview of research on the impacts of mindfulness programs for students and for educators, and provide some simple practices that educators (teachers, administrators, counselors, etc.) can use for themselves and with students, both in person and remotely. 

Brief Bio of Presenter: Dr. Deborah Schussler is a former English teacher and an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Pennsylvania State University. In varying capacities, she has worked with practicing teachers, administrators, and school counselors for over 25 years. Her research focuses on mindfulness-based interventions for educators and adolescents and educator dispositions and moral development. She recently worked with educators across Pennsylvania to implement Project RESPECT, a professional development program focused on communication skills to nurture pro-social relationships and students’ growth mindsets.

Webinar: Boosting STEM Engagement over the Summer

Date/Time:  May 28th 4 – 5 PM

Length of Session:  1 hour

Cost:   Complimentary

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 Description: As our schools wrap up the academic year virtually, let’s help keep the spark of creativity, curiosity, and the growth mindset going throughout the summer!

ENGINE of Central PA, Penn State Center for Science and the Schools, and WPSU Penn State will share opportunities and resources to keep kids engaged throughout the summer. Join us on this webinar as we provide opportunities that are occurring throughout our Commonwealth.

Brief Bio of Presenter: Amanda Smith’s goal is for every child across Pennsylvania to realize they have limitless possibilities. She is the Executive Director of ENGINE of Central PA ( and STEM Outreach and Engagement Liaison at Penn State Center for Science and the Schools ( She focuses on building relationships with school divisions, higher education, and STEM industry to better support STEM education and enhance professional development opportunities for teachers with the center.

Cece Merkel is the Education Lead and an IT Project Manager at WPSU Penn State, a PBS/NPR affiliate serving Central Pennsylvania. WPSU serves one of the largest geographic coverage areas in the nation. We reach 515,000 households in 24 counties of central Pennsylvania. As teachers, students, and families deal with school closures, WPSU has curated a special collection of educational resources to aid learning at home (

Webinar: Pandemic Planning for Distance Learning: Scenarios and Considerations for PreK-12 Education Leaders 

Date: Friday, June 12, 2020, 12:00 PM (ET)

Length of Session: 1 hour

Cost: Free

Register in advance for this webinar at:

This webinar will review the Pandemic Planning for Distance Learning: Scenarios and Considerations for PreK-12 Education Leaders report and address four possible scenarios that could happen this fall related to schools reopening fully, partially, or not at all, and what school district leaders need to consider for each one. We will discuss considerations including: grading and assessments, technology, teacher professional learning, Social and emotional support, special student populations, and more.  One of the authors of this report is Rebecca Heiser who is the lead instructional designer for The Pennsylvania State University’s Lifelong Learning and Adult Education online graduate program with World Campus. She also serves as the applied research coordinator for World Campus Learning Design, overseeing special projects. Dr. Will Diehl, Penn State University Assistant Professor will also join this discussion.  Dr. Diehl is a recognized leader in distance education. He has consulted for Quality Matters, a not-for-profit faculty-centered, peer review and continuous improvement process subscribed by over 550 institutions in the United States and worldwide.  He has developed face2face, blended and fully online courses in curriculum and instruction, distance learning and adult education.  He will introduce a new series of virtual meetings around preK-12 distance learning that will be forthcoming.