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PSSC Law Day 01
PSSC Annual Awards2013: Jessica Curfman, winner of the Walter J. DeLacey Award for Excellence in Instruction; Dr. Joseph Clapper, winner of the William Caldwell Award for Excellence in Supervision & Administration. Presenting the awards are Lawrence Wess, executive director of PSSC and Dean David Monk, Penn State College of Education.
PSSC Law Day 02
Academics & Athletics Conference 2014: Speakers regarding Title IX compliance - Teresa Shakespeare with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Peg Pennepacker, Athletic Director at State College Area School District.
PSSC Law Day 03
Academics & Athletics Conference 2013: LTC 630 Interscholastic Contest Management – a breakout course by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Directors Association, a strategic partner for PSSC.
PSSC Law Day 04
Education Law Day 2013: Lawrence Wess, executive director for PSSC; Attorney Aimee Willet with Andrews & Beard Law Firm; Superior Court Judge Cheryl Allen; Preston Green, professor of education law at Penn State; Attorney Emily Leader with the Pennsylvania School Boards Association; Lucille Johnston-Walsh, director of the Child Advocacy Center at Penn State and Penn State School of Law.
PSSC Law Day 05
Education Law Day 2014: Attorney Carl Beard, partner with Andrews & Beard Law Firm, an annual strategic partner for PSSC.
PSSC Law Day 06
Understanding and Preparing for Marcellus Shale Impacts in your District 2012. This conference in 2012 was well-attended by many school representatives and related industry groups.
PSSC Law Day 07
A group photo of the AMP – Amplifying School Leadership act 45 level course (45 hours) provided by PSSC in 2014-15.
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