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Professional Agencies Supporting Education

Listing of links to professional agencies that support education
AcronymAgency NameWeb Site
AASA American Association of School Administrators
PASA PA Association of School Administrators
ASCD Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
PASCD PA Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
NAESP National Association of Elementary School Principals
NASSP National Association of Secondary School Principals
PAESSP PA Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals
NPBEA National Policy Board for Education Administration
NSBA National School Board Association
PSBA PA School Board Association
USDOE U.S. Department of Education
PDE PA Department of Education
PAFPC PA Association of Federal Program Coordinators
PAAYP PA Department of Education Academic Achievement Report
PVAAS PA Value-Added Assessment System
SAS PA Department of Education's Standards Aligned System
Education Week National K-12 Education News (free e-mail subscriptions)